13 Colonies

     On Monday, June 7th, the parents were invited to a fifth grade play after school.  A couple of weeks ago the kids came home and said "I'm trying out for such and so....I'm gonna try out for....."  I didn't know what they were talking about.  As the kids get older, parents are on a "need to know" basis.  The teacher decides to do a play, tryouts are held, parts are assigned, and then you are informed what day to show up.  I was a little shocked when Jacob announced he was playing the role of George Washington and Kristin was the hostess, an Iroquois and one of the "history police".  My oldest daughter, Megan, had performed the same play in 5th grade, so I was familiar with it.  My recall was that George Washington was a fairly big role...  I knew they were rehearsing at school, but they also said they were supposed to be memorizing their lines at home.  I was nervous.  Baseball playoffs, soccer games, end of year parties, practices....I had a feeling there would not be much memorizing going on at home.  I was right. 
     In the midst of the weekend I felt a panic about the play and said...oh my gosh, what are you guys supposed to wear for this play?  They said most of the costume was provided by the school but Jacob indicated he needed white knee socks, black pants, a white shirt and black shoes!?  Well, we found some black pants, black shoes and I decided to run to Walmart for the white knee socks and white shirt. 
     The morning of the play, Kristin told me she was the one announcing the show and welcoming all of the parents.  Then, I knew Jacob a/k/a George Washington, had the first lines of the play.  Inside I was nervous for them...but they did not seem to be nervous at all, so I put on my happy mom face and said "I can't wait to see it"!!  (Read...God I hope they know their lines and don't get too nervous!!)
     So, there we were on Monday afternoon.  More parents from the class were there than I thought would be able to make it with work schedules.  The kids were cute, the play was a casual and humorous spin on history, complete with the "History Police" (Kristin) saying things like "Book 'em Dano" (Kristin).  Here are some of Jacob's opening lines from the play.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Hello, my name is George Washington.
MARTHA: And I'm Martha Washington. George and I are here to tell
you the marvelous story of how our country began. It's a story filled with
excitement and drama...
GEORGE (interrupts): ...dreams of gold, the clash of nations...
MARTHA: ...and best of all, we get to play the staring roles. Oh George,
I never get tired of this. The bright lights! The photographers! It just makes
me want to salute something!
(LEIF ERICKSON enters loudly. He's accompanied by two other Vikings,
carrying footballs)
LEIF: I, Leif Erickson, claim this land for me and all the Vikings.
GEORGE: Excuse me, but we're starting a show here.
LEIF: I know. I visited America nearly 1000 years ago. I want some
credit for being part of the thirteen colonies. I was here first.
GEORGE: No you weren't.
LEIF: I wasn't?
MARTHA: Not at all. Native Americans were here hundreds of years
before you arrived. Isn't that right, George?
(GEORGE nods)
LEIF: Oh. Sorry. Come on, men. Back to Minnesota.
(THEY exit)
GEORGE: In fact, let's take a visit to the eastern seaboard in the 16th
century and see what's going on with the local tribes.
(IROQUOIS enter)
MARTHA: Here come some Iroquois-and George, they don't look happy.
GEORGE WASHINGTON: Let's move south to Florida to get a closer
look at some of those new European explorers.

     He did a great job and so did Kristin.  Miraculously, they knew their lines and it is a cute, funny, clever little play.  I would share pictures, but they didn't turn out.  The lighting was not good and....I am not a good photographer.  I'm sad because they looked so cute in their costumes, and I have no pictures of it....
    While there, we knew Megan was across town playing her last soccer game of the school year.  So, George left halfway through the play to catch the last half of her game and at the last minute we ended up rushing over there for the last 8 minutes of her game so she would know we were supporting her, too! 
     Another full night as the end of the school year winds down!  Memories from 5th grade! 


Jennifer said...

Awww, so cute!!! Maybe you have some future stars on your hands!

Cindy said...

@ Jennifer...you never know, right!?