Travel Journal...by Megan

     I promised my 13-year-old daughter I would share her recent craft project on my blog.  She's so funny....I wouldn't be surprised if she started her own blog sometime in the future.  She/we love putting together gifts with a theme.  I would like to think she gets some of her ideas from me (but she's 13 so I'm probably not supposed to say that)! 
     Anyways, her BFF is going to Europe for a month (with the People to People program).  So, for her birthday Megan decided she wanted to put together a little travel care package for her. 
It included things like:

A pocket translator
European chocolates in a French-themed bowl
Lime green cushioned luggage handles
Air Mail Postage stamps
Pre-printed labels with her friends/family addresses
Pellegrino Water
Notecards with European Photos
A personalized travel journal

(I know we should have taken a picture of all the stuff so you could see the cuteness, but I didn't know I would be posting about it!)

Megan whipped up this cute little travel journal by covering a black and white composition notebook like the one shown below, an idea I saw here.
She was oh so proud and it is oh so cute (and from the heart)!
Nice work Megan Elizabeth!





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Aww, that is so sweet!