Watch Out! Stranger Danger?

     Wanted to share a quick (sort of) story from yesterday.  My son, Jacob, had a morning piano lesson.  He takes lessons from a neighborhood lady who teaches from her house in the subdivision attached to ours.  This summer I told him he could ride his bike to his lessons hoping he would think that is fun, get some exercise, and then he uses a cell phone to call or text me when he gets there and when he's on his way back.  It is about a 10 minute (tops) bike ride from our house. 
     So, he loaded up his backpack and headed out on his bike yesterday morning.  About 10 minutes later I receive a call from him sounding apprehensive and it went something like this:

Jacob:  Mom, can you pick me up after piano?
Me:  Why, what's wrong?
Jacob:  I saw some signs on the way here that said watch out, there's been a black person sneaking around the area and just to watch out...
Me:  Really?
Jacob:  Yeah!
Me:  Where are the signs?
Jacob:  In a couple people's front yards
Me:  Really?  Well, okay, sure I can pick you up.  See you at 10:30

About 5 minutes later....by text....

Jacob:  I will ride my bike home actually
Me:  Text me after your lesson

10:30 am.....by phone

Jacob:  I will just ride my bike home I guess
Me:  Are you sure?
Jacob:  Yeah
Me:  Okay, I will be watching for you out the front window okay
Jacob:  Okay

     Jacob walked inside and I had my expression of motherly concern on my face while looking at him kind of puzzled.  Then he showed me this picture he took on his cell phone to show me what he was talking about.................

     It should be noted that the previously "red" portion of the sign does appear to be extremely faded.  (Guess he didn't read the small print, or maybe he did after the first phone call.)  Also, a few years ago there were unfounded rumors of "suspicious people" lingering around in cars in our neighborhood (so that was in the back of my mind and  his). 
     Jacob has also always been my "safety" conscious kid.  He always looked both ways before crossing the street (several times), told on his sister when she didn't look good enough, tells me of any concerns about other kids doing dangerous things, etc...  He might have a future in law enforcement, although I may have made him a bit too paranoid...... 


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I read this the other day on my phone and could not stop laughing. Hysterical. This is something to talk about at his wedding!!

Cindy said...

I thought it was hilarious, too! Another reminder that every day life can be like a sit-com...