Pizza + Metro Detroit = Buddy's!

     I think there is (or was) a jingle that goes "if you haven't had a Buddy's pizza....you haven't ...had a pizza yet!"  Corny, right!?  (Now that I think of it....I don't know where that jingle came from in my brain...so if anyone can verify I didn't make it up....let me know...'cause I'm starting to think I made it up!!??)  Regardless, it's true....it's terrific pizza!

Buddy's Restaurant Pizzeria 

     The kids and I were out doing a bunch of running around recently (Grandma was with my sister-in-law for a few hours) and when we realized we ended up near a Buddy's Pizza...the kids were all over it for lunch!!  It was 2 pm and we were hungry!  Buddy's is another Detroit area tradition -- and has fantastic (award winning) pizza!  One thing that makes it great is that my kids -- especially Jacob -- love the antipasto salad and chow it down like it's candy!!  I love that they love it -- and you will have to trust me that my cell phone pics do not do it justice!  I would choose this pizza over Chicago style any day!
     Anyone else out there tried it??  What did you think??  If you're ever in the Metro Detroit area...check it out!!  Pizza and Fridays -- they go together! 


What it looks like before you eat it

Antipasto salad

What it looks like by the time we remember to take a picture

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