Freebies 101

     Well, when I posted a couple of weeks ago my first Freebies 101 post, I thought maybe I would post some stuff about once a month or so.  To my surprise, it's only been about 2 weeks and I have a few more "Freebies" to share with you!  Remember, verrrrrry little effort, but some neat stuff to try out!  I think I am most excited about the Tide stain release...it was a really good sized sample!  Yes, sometimes I can be easily amused ;)
     Has anyone else tried any of these products or received any fun surprises like these in the mail??  It beats getting "bills" any ol' day, right!?

This one was quite tastefully packaged!

I put this one in my purse for a "snack attack"

Great for travel!

Yes, they offer samples of EVerything!

A free pen (the blue one is real)!

Everyone likes these, right?

Can't wait to see if it works...

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