Totally Target Tuesday, Part Zwei

     Here's a follow up to this morning's post.  If anyone is curious what I do with some of that "stuff" I bought, here is a little gift I put together for a family friend who has been entertaining two of my kids almost every day this summer.  A little package of summertime fun!
     It's not my most beautiful looking gift (I was in a rush), but it sure is packed with some goodies!!

Beverage Tub
Matching Set:
     4 Dinner Plates
     4 Lunch Plates
     4 Tumblers
     4 Reusable Water Bottles

Paddle Ball Game
Toddler Baseball Mitt and Ball
Summer Fruit Snacks
Water Toys
Mini Soccer Ball
Lemonade Sale Tablecloth
Lemonade Sale Money Box
Table Scatters
4 Summer Spreaders
     All of the Above Under $25*

Plus I added Non-Summer Clearance Items:
4 Diet Cokes
Bag of Cheese Balls
Country Time Lemonade Powder
     Non-Clearance Items Under $7

*Retail Value approx. $100

ps...  I mighta accidentally gone back to a Target today, there was only one worthwhile Summer Clearance item left, and my daughter insisted I buy the remaining 10 boxes...  If you read all the way to the bottom, it will be our little secret.  Jennifer, do you need any?


Jennifer said...

I am cracking up. I can't believe she made you buy them all!!! Every time someone comes over, I need to send them away with a pack (or a box) of fruit snacks.

I love the basket you put together! So cute!!!!

Cindy said...

I know...a little crazy. They like them as much as when they were 2 years old!?

Jennifer said...

It's probably better that they are not two anymore, because now that they are older, they can probably eat more than one bag at a time!! Oh, and Eastland still had a crapload of them......

Oh, and there is a Countytime Lemonade powder on clearance. It's the bonus size. I think it was $0.64? That was the 70% off price anyways. I have been to a zillion Targets and saw it at one.