How We Spent the 4th Weekend...Part 1

     Every year for the past five or more years we have spent our Fourth of July weekend in Lexington, Michigan, a quaint little harbor town on Lake Huron in the thumb of Michigan where we have a small summer place.  This year we were determined to keep with that tradition, in spite of some obstacles (more on that later).  It is, afterall, the most fun-filled weekend in Lexington all summer long!!
     On Friday my husband took the day off so we could take care of business (cut the grass, pack, catch up on laundry, etc...) around our house before heading "up north" for our weekend.  The less than two hour car ride was uneventful, we did our weekend grocery shopping on the way up, and then when we got to Lexington we saved a spot in the park with our chairs for the "Music in the Park" which takes place most Friday evenings throughout the summer.  We unpacked and got situated, took a quick walk down to the beach, and then headed off to the Music in Park.  (Normally we walk, but this time we had Grandma with us so we decided not to.)  There was a decent crowd already gathered at the park which is nestled next to the harbor. 
     My husband and daughter walked into town and ordered some dinner for us from my favorite place in town called Smackwater Jacks...they have excellent eclectic/gourmet food, and I couldn't wait for my favorite sandwich (pathetic, I know).  They also have a tap room, brew pub, theatre, deli and coffee house - I love it!  The "Lexington Arts Council" sells 50/50 tickets and passes out programs, there are vendors with some good food, and the whole experience is just fun and very relaxing...
     Should I have taken a picture of my pretty sandwich....probably!, but since we didn't eat until 8pm, I wasn't thinking clearly ;)  
Roast turkey breast & havarti cheese topped with crisp Granny Smith apples
and Mango Dijon w/leaf lettuce on grilled Pumpernickel bread

     This week's band was called the "Music Doctors"...an older group of gentlemen who can play some pretty good stuff!!  (Remember, it's free!!)   They played classic rock/blues/country and were really very good -- I don't know how I know most of the words to songs like "Secret Agent Man" and some of those other oldies -- but I do and my kids are always embarrassed amazed!!
     It was a great night, we brought our "Lucky" dog and he was also a big hit with the crowd -- he loves everyone and people were asking if they could feed him hot dogs (but we don't let him do that...yet!).  Oh, my husband also bought me a couple of "Mike's Margaritas"....maybe that's why it seemed so fun...but I digress...!!?? 
     Has anyone else ever gone to one of these free music concerts in a park in your area??  I realized I took over 100 pictures over this past weekend so I might as well break it down into a couple of posts...stay tuned for more...

The Music Doctors
(that's Lake Huron through the right of the stage)
My Girls
(one hiding candy in her cheek...)
The Crowd
Megan and Lucky
Playing Into the Night...Some Dancing Under the Moonlight

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Is Lucky the most chill dog on earth or what????