FALL-ing Out of Summer

     As I mentioned in Monday's post, on Sunday we ended up In Lexington.  Lexington, Michigan, that is.  It is a cute little harbor town located on Lake Huron, and where we have a little place we try to getaway to during the summer as I wrote about here, here, and here.
     I don't think we have ever all been up there at the same time during the Fall.  I think the only reason we were able to do so this year is because we have freed ourselves from Kristin's intense select soccer schedule.
     It was a nice change to be up there when things are so quiet.  Most of the people near our place only go up there as a summer getaway, and many of them head for Florida (the snowbirds) as the winter months approach.  
    We split up the work and got a lot done with yard work, cleaning out the frig, cupboards and packing away the outdoor furniture.  We wish our summer had allowed for more time to spend up north relaxing.  We often think about selling our place, as it is difficult to justify the expense for the couple of weekends and one week of vacation time that we typically spend up there during the summer.  In the meantime, we enjoy it when we can.
      After a few hours of getting our work done, we took one last walk down to the beach and  said our goodbyes to Summer 2011 in Michigan. 
     Our morning Cider Mill visit and afternoon trip to Lexington were family time well spent.

Those are my girls down there...
Trying to be serious...not working.
Trying to catch them in the air...with my cell phone camera

Not too bad...
Little brother making a getaway from the girls
LOVE this picture of my Jake

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