Homecoming 2011 - The Game

     Friday night was the high school football homecoming game at Megan's school.  The entire week had been "Spirit Week" at school -- the theme was Harry Potter.

Monday - Pajama Day (who wouldn't like that!?)
Tuesday - Character Day (dress like a Harry Potter character)
Wednesday - Polyjuice Potion Day (dress like someone else)
Thursday - No School (what!?)
Friday - Spirit Wear Day

     In addition, Megan played in a Quidditch game.  Since I have not followed the Harry Potter series, I did not know what that was.  Here is how Wikipedia describes it:

Quidditch is a Wizarding sport played in Wizarding School. It is described as an extremely rough, but very popular, semi-contact sport, played by wizards and witches around the world. Matches are played between two teams of seven players riding flying broomsticks, using four balls and six elevated ring-shaped goals. In the Harry Potter universe, Quidditch holds a fervent following similar to the position that association football holds as a globally popular sport.

and yes, she really did bring a broomstick....wish I had some pictures but I didn't make it to the game.  I guess it was pretty hilarious and she had a lot of fun.  I am glad that she got involved and played even though most of her close friends did not.  She had to leave marching band practice for awhile to take part.  They even had Quidditch shirts made.
     There was also a homecoming parade prior to the game.  Since this is our first year with a high schooler, we wanted to check it out, besides we knew Megan was marching in it.  It's small and simple...they just parade around the school.  When we got to the school parking lot, I had to laugh because several parents had RVs set up for tailgating purposes (minus the alcohol).  I know all about college tailgate parties, but didn't know the high school parents also got into it.  Good for them, too, because as you will see it was cold, rainy and windy!!!!  
     The parade was fun, short but sweet.  My favorite part was when Jacob and Kristin said "Hi Megan" really loud when their sister marched by (to try to embarrass her, of course)...and how Megan tried not to laugh!
     Then, into the school for a marching band ice cream social.  The nice warm school!!  I did not have any ice cold ice cream, but of course, my kids did!!  Ice cream on a freezing cold day, not my favorite!  Then off to the football field for 6:45 pm pregame festivities and the game. 
     I have to confess, I went in the car for warmth after halftime.  I was soaked and cold.  I saw the band's show and the announcement of the homecoming court and king and queen.  Felt soooo bad for those girls in their nice dresses trying to pretend they were not cold, wet and freezing!  My husband and Jacob also left since Jacob had two early morning baseball games on Saturday.  Kristin, the die hard, stayed in the stands with some friends for awhile longer and then I took her home, and came back for Megan after the game was over.  As you will see from the pictures, it was one dreary day, weather wise.  Sure, I could fix the photos and brighten them up...but then you would think it was bright and...it wasn't!  If you want to see what the halftime show looks like in better weather, check my recent post found here for more colorful pictures.
     In the end, the home team won, 40-16.  Yay!  It really is fun to be in the crowd...great people watching, too!!  I have such fond memories of high school and am enjoying watching Megan make some of those great memories for herself!!!!  Stay tuned for the more colorful photos of...The Dance!

The Band and Grey Skies


That's rain in the lights

Brother is also a faithful (wet) fan

My high school band never had nice warm raincoats!!

The homecoming court in front at half time

Half Time

The band, the homecoming court, the crowd

Waiting to take Megan from school to an after party
(Maybe it would be nice to have her driving someday!?)

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