Monday "Memories" With My Mom

    Here's something rather shocking...in a good way!  I had a really nice day with my mom this past  week.  Actually two nice days.  She had appointments with her neurologist and her primary care doctors, so I picked her up in the morning and drove her to the appointment.  As a bonus, it was a nice, sunny fall day. 
    Even though I have been discouraged visiting with her neurologist in the past, as you can see here, this appointment was better.  However, what honestly makes it a little more bearable is that we no longer have insurance copays thanks to Medicaid.  Worrying about your out of pocket costs and where they are going to come from always added to the stress of these doctor appointments.  As I've told many people, it may sound ridiculous to be celebrating Medicaid assistance, but I am.  I received her Medicaid card last Friday, and I just wanted to kiss that card!?  Lol.  My mom has struggled for years trying to keep up with her bills, and the added medical expenses and prescriptions have always put things "over the top" on her finances.  It is nice to know that the "system" has finally worked and she is getting the assistance she needs.  
     The appointment went rather smoothly.  No big long wait...love when that happens (hardly ever).  This allowed us some extra time for me to take her out to lunch.  My mom was having a "good day" and I was very happy about that.  Her walking was quite good, and we did not even bring her walker (partly because the carpeting in her hallway was being redone and partly because she was walking so good).  Just holding her hand worked well.  In addition to some impressive walking, she seemed to have her "wits" about her.  You can always tell a good day by her response to my (incredibly funny) wisecracks!  
     I was sooooo happy to have had a nice day with my mom, be able to bring her back to her apartment, and know that she is in good hands.  As I told her when she first moved to the American House..."Yay...I get to be your daughter again."
Waiting for the doc...

Got her a simplified "Senior" TV remote

Medicaid Care = Relief

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Arlene - Caregiver ordinaire said...

I'm still waiting for relief!! We are in the system, but they say that it takes 45 days for anything to start. In the meantime, Mom's dr ordered home health. And I am so grateful! I am anxiously awaiting the time we have more help at home. Thank you for sharing this with us. :)