Monday Memories With My Mom

     My mom was due to have an appointment with her neurologist.  She had not been to his office in about ten months so he was not aware of her fall in February. 
     A couple of years ago we were trying to see the neurologist every 8 to 12 weeks.  As time has gone by and I have learned what I need to know about my mom's diagnosis and status, it has become clear that there is not a whole lot that can be gained from these appointments.  The MRIs, cognitive testing, MMEs, brain scans, etc...have all been done. 
     When the neurologist asked my mom how she was doing she said, "She probably has more to say than I do".  My mom deferred to me to update the doctor.  She rarely asks questions anymore.  When my mom does try to recount information, it is largely inaccurate.  There are certain things that never seem to register, and I can almost always predict how the conversation is going to go.  She denies she is diabetic (she is), she tells everyone she fell from her second floor (it was the basement stairs), she adamantly believes she was correctly taking her medication (she was not), the doctor recommends assisted living and my mom denies needing it (she does)... 
     For the most part, it is not necessary to correct her.  It does not do any good.  However, at the doctor appointments, I need to give an accurate picture of how things are going and what has happened.  This often leads to "discussion" and talking in circles.  It is frustrating...for my mom and me.   There is not much to be gained from these appointments.  It is not like some doctor appointments where you see improvement or progress or change your treatment.  There is no improvement, progress or treatment.  Sometimes both me and my mom question whether it's even worth going.   Perhaps the only reason that we go is to update the neurologist and get our prescription refills (Aricept, Namenda, Neurontin, Zonegran...).  So, Dr. Neurologist, we will see you in September (maybe).

We parked

We walked

We entered

and...we acted inappropriately!!

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Nancy said...

Mary & Cindy . . .

Don't stop going to the appointments . . . no matter how frustrating (I know, easy for me to say). There may always be a "new" treatment or "new" drug that might be a positive for the both of you.
Love you,