My Part-Time Job...FORMS!

     You know what I've been doing in my "spare" time??  Filling out forms!!  It's a part-time job....and a tedious one at that!!  There has to be a better way.  A lot of school paperwork is done on the internet...but those are forms too -- and usually there eventually needs to be  a "real" signature on some kind of....FORM.
     I was thinking about why I find this soooo tedious and then I thought about all of the forms I've filled out....just in the last two weeks!!
                    Here we go...there was the:
  • Bake Sale Sign Up FORM
  • Soccer Spirit Wear Order FORM
  • Baseball Picture Order FORM
  • Soccer Picture Order FORM
  • Soccer Emergency Contact FORM
  • Summer Band Camp FORM
  • News Team Tiger's Game Survey FORM ( x 2)
  • After School Hours Pickup FORM ( x 2)
  • Cedar Point Permission Slip FORM
  • Sock Hop Ticket Order FORM
  • Band "Regular Field Trip Consent" FORM
  • Criminal History/Reference (to volunteer for schools) FORM
  • Health History FORM
  • High School Athletic Association Physical FORM
  • Student SCRIP Account FORM
  • Talent Show Tryouts Permission Slip FORM
  • Talent Show Ticket Order FORM
  • Band Spirit Wear Order FORM
  • Volunteer Sign Up for Ice Cream Social FORM
  • Sweatshirt for Baseball Order FORM *
  • Volunteer Driver to Tiger Game FORM
  • Permission Slip to attend Tiger's Game FORM ( x 2)
  • Permission to Drive with Volunteer Parent FORM ( x 2)
  • Lunch Account FORM (via internet)
  • Science Center Field Trip Permission Slip FORM (x 2)
Those are just the school-related/kids forms!!!  I didn't even realize how many there were until I started thinking about it.  Literally, these are just 2 weeks worth.  No wonder I hate dislike filling out forms.  Many of these are multiple-paged forms and the "(x 2)" means I had to fill one out for each of my 5th graders (twins).  The internet needs to be used more....I would much rather type out the information.  How many times can you write out your emergency contact information, health insurance, address, phone numbers, etc...  And yes, the school has all of my emergency contact information and then some!  Something tells me most of this has to do with the potential legal ramifications of not having a....FORM.
     Don't even get me started on how many $$$$ most of these forms represent...it's a pretty penny, and it also means I either had to write a check or fill out a credit card...wait for it....FORM!  Well, I feel better now.  Thanks for letting me tell you about one of my many (unpaid) part-time jobs as a mom.  Does anyone else "dislike" filling out forms??  There has to be a better way, right!?

* My husband filled out this form...he's the coach


Sarah said...

Stopping by from SWW. Not over 40, lol.
This post was funny though!

Cindy said...

Thanks! So nice of you to stop by!!

Anonymous said...

There must be a better way!!! At least on the internet you could auto-fill the forms!

The Pawlak Family said...

I send my kindergarteners home with a daily folder always filled with FORMS. So many parents I know don't even look at them. I know this becuase they ask me a million questions later about things...and I'm like, didn't you read the FORMS!!!! Field trip to the Tigers game, reallly!?!?!?