Monday Memories With My Mom

     With my mom now living with me, there is no getting around how the dynamics have changed.  I am now my mother's mother...
     I spend a great part of my days giving "directions" and "reminders"....not just to my kids...or my dog, (or my husband) but also to my mom.  Alzheimer's Disease is an illness of the mind.  There is no cure.  There is no treatment.  There are medications that may slow the progression.  There is no surgery to go through, no chemotherapy, no rehabilitation.  The family feels helpless.  One of the few ways I can support is to give these reminders and directions....

It's time to get dressed
Put your shoes on
You will probably want to put some makeup on
Did you brush your hair yet
Sit down, I'm going to give you your pills now
We are going to a soccer game today
We are going to a soccer game today...
Remember, we are going to a soccer game?
The kids are at school...it's Monday
No it's not February, it's May
You're actually 67, not 66
You will need a jacket
Stay on the front porch while I pull the car out for you
You might want to get your pajamas on now
It's getting late, time for bed
Watch your step
You need to take a shower
Be sure to wash your hair
You already had dessert today
We're going this way
Wait right here
Stay with me 
Look where you are going
Mother's Day is actually tomorrow

It is emotionally draining.  It is sad to watch...  I never wanted to be my mother's mother. 

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Tinky said...

You have my empathy--and I echo a lot of those remarks. Of course, in my mother's case I say, "You're actually 92, not nine," but it's amazing how similar they are..