Oh NOprah Oprah !!!

     I am kind of in shock.  I know that may sound a bit dramatic.  I do not live under a rock, I did know the Oprah Show was coming to an end after 25 years, but somehow the date snuck up on me.  And, now that it is really happening I'm realizing it's also the end of an era for me personally (and maybe a "few" others)...  Am I prepared to make the transition to "OWN"...??  Even my DVR is going to notice this void.  It's as though a "meeting" I've had on my schedule for 25 years has been cancelled.

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     I can't even begin to figure out all of the things I have learned from the Oprah Show, how many days my babies were fed while watching the show, how many times I called friends or they called me and said "quick, are you watching Oprah".  The truth is, she is one of the people I most admire in life.  I only wish I would have had the chance to get to Chicago for one of those shows...it was on my "Bucket List"...but I guess I'm too late :(  Coulda, woulda shoulda...

      "O", the books I would have never read, the magazine I would have never subscribed to, recipes I would have never tried, the insights I would have never had, the laughs, the tears, the clothes, weight loss tips, Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, the products (Oprah's Favorite Things!), the makeovers, the celebrities.  "O", and the relationship lessons I taught (or tried to teach) my husband because "I saw it on Oprah"...he must be so grateful, too!!!  Right, honey?

     I love how real and genuine she comes across.  Her compassion and generosity.  Her continuing honesty about her weight loss struggles.  Her camping trip with Gayle (funny stuff).   Her "aha" moments (and sometimes mine), the Angel Network, the Book Club...  "O" and how many times have I said "shhhhhhh" to my kids while trying to hear what Oprah was saying (that was before DVR days...lol)!!  The 4:00 pm time slot became difficult since my kids have returned from school at 4:10 pm for the past nine years.  Thankfully, the DVR helped with that conflict.

    We've gone from setting the VCR to watching it on DVR....  I, for one (or one of billions), will be recording the show at 4 pm Wednesday...  I am anxious to watch this week and to see what they have planned for the final show.  One thing that I know for sure, I'm going to notice that something's different around 4 pm this Thursday...a definite void. 

      Are you with me?  Was most of your adult life spent with Oprah or did your mom watch it when you were younger and now you do?  What has the Oprah Show meant to you???  Let me know what you think with a comment and then, if you are so compelled,...let Oprah know, too (see below)!!  Something tells me she really might read this guestbook -- it would be sooo.....Oprah!! 
**"O" is in place of "Oh", to honor Oprah

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Kerri said...

O, I am with you Cindy! Well said! Your post could have been MY post. I talk about her all the time to my husband. What will I do at 4:00 now? For the past two weeks, when I watch her show...I have a lump in my throat. My husband and son are going out to dinner after school tomorrow so that I can enjoy my last show alone with Oprah. I'd love to catch back up with you on Thursday to see what you thought about the last show. We should chat! :)

I tried to comment several times yesterday...but blogger wouldn't let me!