First Piano Recital

     The kids received a piano as a Christmas gift about three years ago.  I took lessons and played piano when I was younger and have always loved it.  I still like to play.  My husband has always (secretly...shhhh...) wished he could play the piano.  He is fascinated by that guy on PBS, The Piano Guy, who teaches piano and makes it seem so easy.  I have taught a few of the standard songs to my kids and they do like to "tinkle the ivories" every now and then. 
     This past winter, I noticed Jacob (who woulda thunk it) taking a greater interest and playing around quite a bit, trying to figure out songs, etc....  Well, he ended up having some time off from basketball, so I jumped on the chance and signed him up for lessons from a neighborhood lady who teaches at her house.  I think it's so important for all kids to learn to read music and at least try an instrument and give it a chance. 
     Since starting lessons about six months ago, once a week, Jacob has progressed at an impressive pace.  He has gotten quite good and if he keeps it up, who knows what he will be able to play by this time next year. 
     The teacher recently held a recital at a nearby church.  There were just over 30 students each playing at least one piece.  It was very nice and interesting to see the different levels and how advanced the more experienced students were.  Jacob did a great job and I was thankful the piano recital went more smoothly than the recent  "Variety Show" you may have read about!
     I have to tell you a little secret...  I found some hand written sheet music by the piano.  It was titled "Angel" (see picture below) and it appears J was taking a whirl at composing...soooo cute!  I think he admires other kids who have "made it big", like Greyson Chance,and I thought it was adorable when I found it.  Of course, as his mom, I couldn't help but wonder who "Angel" might be....lol.  I have some ideas...but he's only 10 years old, so let's keep it real for now ;)
     I am sure there is a way to easily put a sound byte on here of his song, but I am too lazy and pressed for time to figure it out right now.  He played "We're Off To See the Wizard"...I think you know how it goes!!
     Any piano players out there?  Did you take lessons as a kid and do you still play?  Are you glad you took those lessons?
We are proud of you Jake!!!  Keep up the practicing, (composing), and good work!! 

My Little "Composer"

An anxious audience awaits...

Piano Recital 2011
Jacob, The Piano, and an Award
(he does not have an "alfalfa" or a "Mohawk"....it's just the door behind him)

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