Gifts from the Heart For Mother's Day...

     Although Mother's Day has come and gone, I thought I would share the goodies the kiddies showered me with on Sunday.  We had a relaxing family day with a nice breakfast casserole and fresh fruit, watched my boys cut the grass, and only had one soccer game with dinner at a Mexican restaurant afterward (I had been kind of craving Mexican since Cinco de Mayo so that's what we had)! 
     The kids do put a a lot of thought and time into Mother's Day and it's fun to hear the whispers and wrapping paper and tape flying around the house during the week.  The doors slamming and the "don't go in my room".  I appreciate the love that went into it all.  Megan went all out with the photo collage/shadowbox frame and I love the little duct tape roses that Kristin makes, too.  Sometimes I think they all just want to see who can make me cry....they find that very funny!!!  Jacob, well he's not really into arts and crafts -- but he vacuumed out my car and helped cut the grass!!  Sometimes it's pretty neat what your kids can do as they get older!!  Love those guys!!
Left to Right:
  • A photo collage/shadowbox frame made by my daughter, Megan
  • A clay self portrait art piece made at school by Kristin
  • A decorated coffee mug by Jacob
  • Flowers from the hubby
  • Candle from the hubby
  • Coffee mug decorated by Kristin
  • Duct tape/Rose pencils and pens made by Kristin
  • A clay self portrait art piece made at school by Jacob

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