SO WHAT Wednesday!!

It's SO WHAT! Wednesday and I'm linking up with Life After I "Dew"
to tell you what I say "So What" to!  Here we go....

So WHAT if:

  • I had never used the words "that said" until I started blogging (and I don't use them in normal conversation either...weird!?)
  • I almost cried when I picked up my dog from the groomer...a goldendoodle shaved down for the summer looks like a different doggy!
  • one of the best parts of Mother's Day was the margarita I had with dinner (Ole!)
  • my 13 year old daughter was home from school sick yesterday, and I didn't even think about taking her temperature until about noon (it was normal...just a bad cold)
  • I was too chicken to call, so I texted another mom to tell her she owed me money for the dance clothes I bought for her daughter (awkward!)
  • I literally put a $2 reward out for anyone (except Jacob) who could find Jacob's 5th grade class shirt and then raised it to $5 late last night!!  Crazy, I know...but I'm desperate to know where that thing is (boys!)!!??
Sooooo....What are YOU saying SO WHAT to this week????
 Link up...it's fun and I'd love to know!!

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