Thankful Thursday

     With my life being a little unsettled right now, I seem to have no problem complaining about how difficult things are. 

 It's time to talk about what I am thankful for, and there is plenty of that, too.

I am thankful that:

I have three healthy, happy and active kids!

 I rescued my "Lucky" goldendoodle last summer - love him!

My husband has never lost his job -- even in this tough economy

My mom still has her mobility, sense of humor and knows who we are

I have friends who will let me "vent" anytime I need to....especially Nancy, Donna, Alyce, and Beth

 I don't have to work outside the house (but still would like to and probably should)

There are other soccer moms carpooling with me which takes the pressure off

Another Alzheimer's caregiver reached out to me through this blog

I get lots of compliments on how polite, well-behaved and cute my kids are by other moms and teachers...and sometimes even strangers

My oldest daughter is so responsible for her own schedule, schoolwork and extracurricular activities that I sometimes have to pinch myself

My son has developed a great sense of humor and seems to know when I need a good laugh

My youngest daughter bats her eyes and looks like a puppy dog when she is "begging" to do something or go somewhere with a friend and then says "Pleeeaze...I was born for a reason".  (Gets me (almost) every time.)

My husband has not been traveling as much lately and that lightens the load a bit

 I am healthy (enough) to take care of my mom and my kids

 We had a great family vacation in April

We have insurance

My mother-in-law is supporting me in the care of my mom

My brother has responded when I ask for his help

The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter!

Thankful for all those things and more........

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Nancy said...

I am thankful to have the memories of a great childhood, growing up with you!