Kristin Plays "Extreme" Soccer

     Like many moms, Spring is an extra busy time of year because the kids tend to be even busier with year-end school activities and spring sports.  Busy Kids = Busy Mom.  All three of my kids are involved in sports activities right now along with their regular homework and school field trips, programs, etc...  I thought I would share how we have been spending a lot of our time.   
     Kristin has been on a year-round select soccer team (called CW3 Extreme) that runs from August to June.  If you're good at "math", you know that means she (we) only have July off.  She has been playing soccer for years and has been on this select team for the last two years.  There are tryouts, camp, practices 2-3 times a week, tournaments (typically on holiday weekends), and an average of two games every weekend (sometimes weekdays), traveling an average of 30-60 minutes each way to games, indoor soccer practices and games in the winter, etc.... 
    Kristin typically plays defense and has a surprisingly big "boot" (kick) and makes many assists to the forwards.  She can put the ball right in front of the net from across the field.  It is fun to watch!  She is also great at "corner kicks" and "throw ins" if you know about soccer.
     So, as we start winding down the soccer year we found ourselves in a Memorial Day weekend tournament called the Canton Cup in which approximately 800 teams participate.  The schedule became complicated due to many of the fields being rain soaked and some rescheduling became necessary.  K's team ended up playing Friday night at 7:30 pm in a mudfest!  They won 8-3.  The next game was 7 am Saturday morning.  They won 5-4...by the third game at 2 pm, the girls were exhausted and lost 1-5 to a team that was playing their first game in the tournament.  Needless to say, we were disappointed that all three of our games were scheduled within 18 hours (Fri-Sat), while most of the teams three games were spread over 3 days.  We did not make the finals which were scheduled for Memorial Day afternoon.  In fact, due to another downpour and hazardous weather...all Memorial Day final games end up getting cancelled!!  (What a fiasco for thousands of soccer superstars.)  The good news is that this allowed us to spend the holiday relaxing up north.
     Back to soccer, Kristin is at a crossroads.  Tryouts for the next soccer year are fast approaching.  She is undecided if she will tryout again.  It is a big time commitment and she will be entering middle school next year which typically means more homework.  The only part Kristin doesn't like is that she misses some parties and sleepovers with friends due to her soccer schedule.  She may decide to go back to recreational soccer, which has a lot less intense schedule.  Some pictures from the season are below...be sure to check out the Mudfest from this past Memorial Day weekend!!  In the meantime, we have enjoyed watching her grow as a player and the new friendships we have made along the way!!  We love our soccer girl!!
     Did you ever play soccer, or do your kids??  Do you think Kristin should tryout for next year's team??  Your opinion is welcome! ;)

Mom, really!!??

K making a "throw in"
(Very hard for me to get her and ball in same shot w/my little cell phone camera)
Hustling to the ball

K is #99

"I got it!"

Waiting to go back in and play! (K far left)

Hustling to the ball

Sweet Victory!!
Canton Cup Soccer Tournament

2011 Canton Cup Tournament
A Victory in the Mud !!
(K fourth from left)

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