A "Pink Out"

     I really thought I was done with high school football game/marching band talk for this season.  Been there, done that, took the pictures.  One week good weather, the next game terrible weather.  However, this past Thursday's game was declared a "Pink Out"  in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month so I wanted to share.  And, as a bonus, it was a beautiful day weather wise...high 70s and clear skies.  
     I knew about the NFL honoring Breast Cancer Awareness month, but was a little surprised to learn our high school also had their own version and declared our most recent game a "Pink Out".  Fundraising t-shirts were sold, proceeds were going to cancer funds, survivors and families who lost loved ones were honored at half time, our home team wore pink, as did the cheerleaders, and the marching band was decked out in pink ribbons, gloves and accessories.
     It was also "crazy hat" day for the marching band and Megan chose a pink cowboy hat.  It is good to see young people pull together for a cause and good fun was had by all!!  Oh, and the home team won 28-21!! 

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