Time For a Deal!!??

     On a recent trip to Kohl's, I got several great deals.  I love Kohl's...especially since it is five minutes away and everything is always on sale.  When it opened near us a few years ago, I purposely got me and my husband our own credit cards to increase our likelihood of getting 30% off coupons every month.  I know crazy, right!?  But, it works!  Now that my mom is not living with me and the kids are in school, I am rediscovering the art of "browsing" through stores.  It is fun to have some extra "time".  Speaking of time (lol), recently I stumbled on this rather handsome looking oversized clock.  All of their clocks were 50% off which happens pretty frequently at Kohl's.  The regular price was $119, minus the 50% brought it to about $60.  Oh, 30% coupon time...minus $18 down to $42.  Then...can you see the tiny mark between 1 and 2 (I hardly can)??  Well, they gave me another 10% off since it was slightly damaged and the only one left.  So, I got the clock for $38!!!  Score!  I love when that happens!
     The thing I like about this clock is the mix of roman numbers and "regular" numbers.  Perfect for someone like me who can never decide which I want.  I can remember specifically getting a regular numbers only clock when my kids were younger and learning how to tell time.  Hopefully by now they have that skill down and, if not, they can reference the 12, 3, 6 and 9...LOL !!!  
     In the same trip I also got my son some nice Adidas tennis shoes on clearance marked down from $60 to $12...plus my 30% off brought them down to $8.40!!  He loves them!*
     Have you found any good deals lately?  I know they're out there just waiting to be found...

*UPDATE  No sooner did I get ready to publish this post when Jacob made a discovery about the shoes I got him.  Ya see, he had been bugging me for new shoes (which he did not need very badly, and was amazed that I actually listened and got him some shoes even though I had told him I didn't think he needed them.  All was well, until tonite at dinner when Jacob spotted the empty shoebox with the big yellow clearance sticker on the box clearance priced at $11.99 and he literally and laughingly said, "oh, I see, you don't love me...you just love a deal, plus you had a coupon"!!  We all started cracking up...  I told him he was wrong, I love him AND I love a deal!

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