Before Meets After...

      I took Lucky (our beloved Goldendoodle) to the groomer the other day.  Kind of sad because I think I like my "scruffy" looking doggy better, but I know another few weeks of his hair getting longer and it becomes unmanageable and starts to get matted.  Either way, we couldn't love him more...and he IS way cleaner and softer.
     When we pulled in the parking lot, my 65 lb. doodle leaped from the backseat onto my lap in the driver's seat and couldn't wait to get out of the car and go for his haircut.  So, I guess it's all good.  He goes to Canine College..."Where It's Cool to Drool" (that cracks me up every time).
     I know my cell phone pics aren't great and the lighting is terrible on the "After" (I'd take another pic, but he's busy right now zzzzzZZZZzzzzz.), but which doggy looks better to you, Lucky "Before" or Lucky "After"???  Either way, I think we're gonna keep him!!


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*~Dani~* said...

He looks adorable both ways!!