The Ordinary

     Sometimes I forget that I can actually do a blog post that isn't really about anything.  Ths is the ordinary.  These are some pictures I have been accumulating, the ordinary moments that to me are worth remembering. Thought I would share.  Happy Tuesday!

     Megan and two of her besties. Alexis and Katie, at her 14th birthday dinner last month

Jacob has started playing the trumpet in the 6th grade band and is required to practice about 5 days per week.  He is doing great, and it's amazing how fast he learns!
Kristin and her girlfriends at a recent sleepover.  They love to dress up and were perhaps practicing for their future homecoming dance.  Kristin texted me this picture from the sleepover.

Perhaps a sign we need to get out more.  My girls (and me) are absolutely fascinated by the pop machines at our recent first trip to Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  Diet Coke in lots of flavors...almost as fun as the Coke station at Epcot!

Thumbs up on Five Guys Burgers and Fries, which is located near Grandma's new place, so I think they will want to go back!

Kristin cutting out Box Tops for Education -- she requested this be in my blog!

A recent trip to the dentist.  The cute part is Jacob texted me this picture of himself while I was in the waiting room with the caption "Ouch"!  I don't think he will ever outgrow being my little boy who wants his mommy to buy him something after his dentist appointments!  He's hard to resist with the pouty face.

And, Kristin has started playing the flute in band this year.  She is doing great and practices almost every day!

I needed floor space to sort my tons of folded laundry.  My Lucky needed some attention -- he was right under my feet!

This one is called "Things You Find on Your Cell Phone When You Have an 11 year old Boy"

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Kerri said...

We went to 5 guys for the first time last weekend...and it was to die for! I rarely eat burgers...so this was a treat! And the fries...oh.my.word! I cannot wait to go again sometime. Fortunately for us, the nearest one is about and hour away!