First Chair

Last night Megan had her first high school band concert.  She is in the Concert Band which is a freshman only band.  The Symphony Band (sophomores, juniors and seniors) also played as well as the school's Wind Ensemble, an invitation only smaller group of excellent players.
A few weeks ago Megan had told me each player was having a private playing test with their director, Mrs. H.  I know she was both excited and nervous about it.  I remember when I asked her how it went she said "not very good, I was really nervous".  I was a little bummed for her but also knew she was a good player and was thinking it might not have been as bad as she thinks.  A few days later, she sent me a text that said "first chair" -- they had posted the results of their test!  For those who do not know, first chair is a good thing in band.  The players are seated by their abilities, starting with first chair in each instrument.  So, allow me these five seconds of fame to brag!  (This is my only "scrapbook", afterall.) 
I am proud that she loves playing, has made many friendships in both marching and concert band, and as a bonus she's a pretty darn good musician.  I might also mention that I can relate to where she is at right now, as I also played clarinet in my high school band and still have very fond memories of being a part of a great group of people...making beautiful music together!  It is a bit surreal to see your daughter participating in something that it seems like I was doing just yesterday!?
The concert was great, and we are very proud! 
 Oh, and there's another concert next week...marching band in the auditorium!

Concert Band
Megan is on the far left
Sorry for the pathetic blurred pics from my cell
The Symphony Band
No idea why the dress looks purplely....it's black
(and the girls hate them...they call them their Amish dresses)

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Sarah said...

Wow, those dresses are black? On my screen they are pure purple. They might hate them in black, but believe me they'd hate them more if they were actually the shade of purple I see. I was feeling a bit sorry for them. I mean band (non marching) outfits usually aren't very fashionable, but I'd never seen purple ones. At least the black is not so visually obtrusive. Lol.