This Year...Pumpkin Decorating!

     Thanks to Pinterest I was inspired to do things a little differently this Halloween.  My kids are getting older, and we are transitioning to a more simplified Halloween.  I got the kids "ok" to "decorate" our pumpkins this year instead of all the carving process/mess/chaos.  I showed each of my kids an idea for a pumpkin and, as I expected, they were receptive to trying them out. 
     Kristin went with the button "Boo" pumpkin and actually decorated hers a couple of weeks ago. I think it turned out very cute, and it did not take her much time at all.  You know your kids are getting older when they can use a hot glue gun, by themselves, and they do not get injured!  (Ice water was standing by, though.)
     Jacob went with the "mouse motel" look.  His pumpkin is sideways since it was having a hard time standing.  I gave him (with some help from dad) full creative expression, and it it definitely turned out looking like a crazy mouse motel!? 
     Megan went with the ribboned pumpkin, and I think it looks really nice and it did not take too long.  Amazing what some ribbon on a pumpkin can do!!  And, you just know I will try to get that ribbon back off when we are done and "repurpose" it!!
     So, all in all, there was a lot less mess with the non-carving method -- although the mouse motel did cause a bit of chaos because we waited until the last minute.  The kids ended up going to a corn maze with friends the night we were going to do our pumpkins.  I am hoping to leave the same pumpkins on the porch until Thanksgiving to help with my "harvest" look -- minus the mice and "Boo". 
How did your pumpkin carving or decorating go?? 


Sarah said...

cute! i love the ribbon one!

Jennifer said...

Those all look great! I need to steal some ideas for next year!