Monday "Memories" With My Mom

     This week my mom continues to do fairly well adjusting to her "new digs".  I was happy to learn that our Area Agency on Aging case manager got approval to pay for my mom to continue to attend the "Senior Club"  she was attending weekly while she was living with me.  Although the American House has some wonderful activities going on every week, not all of them are things my mom can participate in.  I liked the Encore program so much because the staff is so good with seniors who have dementia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Disease.  Although my mom had not attended in a month and had no idea what I was talking about when I said you're going to the Senior Club, it quickly came back to her once she was there.  I saw on the program's calendar that they were having an Oktoberfest day last Tuesday, and I knew my mom would love that .  She did enjoy it very much, and when I picked her up she was having some homemade apple pie ala mode!
    The only downside to the Encore program is that I am responsible for transportation getting her there and back myself.  However, I know it's good for her so I am going to do my best to get her there, at least until the snow starts flying around here (yikes!), which hopefully will wait awhile.
    Then, as a reality check, I got a call on my cell phone late Wednesday night  that said "Med Team".  Always a bit heart stopping.  The aide told me that my mom had fallen out of bed.  It was around 11 pm.  She was not hurt.  The very good news was that she used her Medical Alert bracelet and was able to call for help.  With dementia, you are never sure whether the med alert will be used when it's needed.  We were relieved that help was there and she was ok.  My mom has a hospital bed with side rails.  However, the medical staff does not like to use all of the rails as they feel it is too restricting in the event of an emergency.   Also, apparently some people have been know to get tangled up in the rails...??  Still not sure how to remedy this...kind of a Catch 22.  As I said, I am grateful the help was there and the "system" worked.  It also made me realize that the future good weeks and bad weeks as far as my mom's concerned, may very well be measured by the number of calls I get from the Med Team at American House.
     On Friday, my mom's BFF since elementary school, Jane, and her husband, Pat, visited her for the first time in her new place.  They took her to lunch and did a little shopping, too.  I got a thumbs up from Jane on her new place. 
    On Saturday, me and my girls were in the area and did a quick visit with grandma.  We knew grandma was overdue for a manicure, so Kristin kindly stepped in again and took care of her.  So cute, and Kristin does a nice job and is very patient and sweet.  By the way, apparently the "no white after Labor Day" fashion rule does not apply at American House.  I just try to be grateful that my mom is up and dressed and has the "American" House spirit!!?  In her defense, it was an 80 degree Fall day!!  All in all, things are good!


Sarah said...

So good to hear! I am so glad your state has the funding to give your mom so many services!

Maybe a fall mat on the floor beside her bed? But that will likely only be needed if it happens more regularly. double siderails is considered restrictive and people can get tangled in them!

Cindy said...

Thanks Sarah...it's always good to hear from you and get your advice because I know you understand all of this. Michigan does not have much going for the economy right now, but it is nice that my mom is finally get the help she needs.