Let's Call It a Craft

     Took time out for a super quick (super quick) little project.  I hate to even use the word craft, or project, 'cause a 2-year-old could do it (and would probably like doing it, by the way).  I am sure you have all seen the glitter pumpkins.  The fake ones you can buy, the silver, the gold, etc...  I have noticed most seriously crafty people usually Mod Podge on their pumpkin and then sprinkle glitter all over for that very pretty glittery effect.  I think they look "gorg", but I didn't want to take the time or make the mess with the glitter.  Soooo, I just painted some orange glitter glue onto my cheapo real pumpkin from my recent trip to the Farmers Market and I think it blinged it up just about right -- a combo of a little bling while still being able to tell it is a pumpkin - au naturale.
     I still may do some silver full on glitter ones, but this was a great cheat and I thought I would share. 
     I know there are purists out there who wouldn't want to take away from the true beauty of a natural pumpkin, but this was so fun, quick and easy and even a little therapeutic (at least for 5 minutes).  The end result is nicer than the last picture shows, but I promised I wouldn't spend any more time on this post and you get the idea...(the post took longer than the "craft")....!!
     No muss, no fuss!
JoAnn's "Orange" Glitter Glue (it's a bit of a dark orange)

"Supplies", and yes I even dip the brush right into the glue container

 Pumpkin au Naturale

 Blinged Up Pumpkin

Fall 2011