City Girl, Farmers Market

     Over the weekend I finally checked out our local Farmers Market with my good friend Alyce.  Alyce goes every Saturday morning...around 7 am.  I told her if you ever go more like 9 am, let me know.  (To review, I'm not a morning person.)  So, she did.  I met her there and I enjoyed it so much.  I know, some of you are probably thinking..."you need to get out more", but it was a beautiful fall morning and the hustle and bustle was on.  Beautiful produce, flowers, baked goods, herbs and all very fresh and awesome prices. 
     I especially LOVE those deep fall colors in the coxcomb flowers that I bought.  I also love the persimmon branch from the last picture.  So "fall".  Oh, and the celery was the greenest celery I think I've ever bought.  Peppers 3/$1, cauliflower $2, pumpkin $5, glads $3...it's like a Target clearance sale for produce!  And, as Alyce reminds me, all while "supporting our local Michigan farmers".
     What a great way to start a Saturday morning followed by breakfast and lots of chit chat with a good friend.  I need more of this "me time" stuff.  I almost let myself go to a baseball game and pick up my daughter from a sleepover instead, but it all worked out and I'm so glad it did.  I'll be baaack!!

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