SO WHAT! Wednesday


It's SO WHAT! Wednesday and I'm linking up with Shannon at Life After I "Dew"
to tell you what I say "So What" to!  Here we go.... 
So WHAT if:

  • I'm getting my shopping groove back now that the kids are back in school...and I've got the bills to show for it
  • Every week I wonder how much longer can a hamster possibly live...the cage is really an eye sore in my family room...lol
  • The trickling water in my son's fish aquarium makes me have to go to the bathroom every time I walk by
  • In my old age I'm starting to like crisp fall weather better than hot humid summers
  • My son thinks I bought him new $60 Adidas running shoes...really I found them for $12 on clearance...and I had a 30% off coupon ;)
  •  I keep thinking about the cheesecake we had for dessert last night (we split once slice for four people)...and I want more for breakfast!
Sooooo....What are YOU saying
SO WHAT to this week????
 Link up...it's fun, you'll feel better, and I'd love to know!!


Shannon Dew said...

oh hampsters! i had them and you hear all these stories about them dying so quick, mine lived for YEARS! they are cute and fun at first but then they are just a pain!

Sarah said...

I totally laughed about the hamsters! I had 2 or 3 ill-fated ones as a kid. Here's to hoping the same for yours. Lol. The key is for them to get out of the cage somehow. Then they usually find something in the house to kill themselves with :) How morbid