Freebies 101

Well, I was looking back and it appears I started requesting "freebies" over the summer sometime, as inspired by my cousin.  I still like getting suprises in the mail and think it's pretty neat that you can get all this stuff to try for free.  Sure, some things are more exciting than others, but you don't have to request the ones you don't want.  My favorite this month was my cute little Target makeup bag loaded with lots of good samples and Target coupons.  The only site I check for deals and freebies is http://www.hip2save.com/.
 So, for verrrrrry little effort the goodies keep coming in.  In fact, I got a fun one today, but I'll share it next time!!  Has anyone else tried any of these products or received any fun surprises like these in the mail?? 

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Kerri said...

I need to check this site out because I LIKE free stuff...and I like getting mail! Thanks for sharing!