Friday Night Lights

     We went to the first home high school football game of the season on Friday night.  Although I have gone to the games in prior years, this was the first time I have a daughter who is actually in high school now.  Megan had been at school all day and then stayed after putting the final touches on the marching band's pregame and halftime shows.
     The band did great -- a fun show to watch!!  You can see how much they've accomplished in a month.  It's a lot more exciting to watch when everyone is dressed up in their uniforms and on their home field getting the crowd going during the game. 
     And, as luck would have it, the team won 42-0!!!  I enjoyed chatting with my kids and other parents in the crowd...and sometimes I even watched the game!!
     Great high school memories being made.  Afterwards, Megan and a group of friends went out to celebrate after the game.  How fun!!  Those were the days....

This is a big Block "N" for Northern...you will have to take my word for it ;)

Alexis and Megan

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Nancy said...

Great pictures! Hope she has a great high school experience!