Band Camp (Freshman Year), Part Two

     Recently (kind of), Megan attended her first Band Camp as a high school freshman.  I was excited for her and looked forward to the last day of camp when the band would be performing the "show" they had been rehearsing all week for the upcoming football season.
     Although she ended up having tons of fun at camp, she quickly learned that there was also a lot of work involved, too.  Below is her typical schedule while at camp:
9-12-Out on the Field
12:35- Lunch
1:30- 2:30- Break/ Recreation/ Pool
2:30-4 Sectionals
4-5 Full Band
5-5:50- Break/Recreation
5:55- Dinner
6-9 On the Field
9- 10:45- Activity
Monday- Get to Know Each Other Games
Tuesday- Talent Show
Wednesday- Dance
Thursday- Movie Night
Friday- Senior Bon Fire
     The show was great -- it's amazing how much they can learn in such a short period of time.  Lots of music, too.  We teased M that we were so proud that she didn't fall or anything (she even had to march backwards and sideways and stuff...lol).  We are looking forward to a fun season and a great show!!
     I am so late getting this post done...her first home football game pregame and halftime shows are this Friday -- Go Knights!
Marching to the Field

Marching Around...

The show begins!


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