Adirondack Chairs Facelift

     There are many projects I'd like to get done around the house, and among them was giving new life to these Adirondack chairs we have had for over ten years.  My husband made the chairs himself from scratch and they actually have sentimental value to us (or at least me).  We tend to store the chairs outside during the rough Michigan winters, so they have taken a beating.  They had a dark stain on them, but that had worn off.  I was inspired to finally get to this project when I saw Kerri had given some color to her Adirondack chairs and I thought it looked great!  (Thanks, Kerri!)
     I figured each of my three kids could do a chair and I would do the other.  However, lucky for me, I got to pick out the paint colors with my "assistants" and then Megan, Jacob and my husband ended up color staining them (I ended up being busy helping my mom).
     I have to say, it is very unlike me to pick out 4 different colors like this, but I decided to take the plunge and am very happy with the fresh fun colors.  We use these chairs quite a lot for bonfires and relaxing in the backyard.  So glad they have been given this facelift!!!  What do you think??
     The only problem, we have a family of five...better have hubby make another chair!!  (That honey dew list just keeps growing!)

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Sarah said...

They look really good!!!