Happy 14th Birthday, Megan!!

  Today is my oldest daughter, Megan's, 14th (gulp!) birthday!!!  Yep, it was 14 years ago today that your daddy cried tears of joy when he first saw your cute little face!!

     There are sooo many things I love about you...  I love that you are thoughtful and caring, that you love to do things for other people and surprise them, that you are smart and responsible, that you have the ability to laugh at yourself and make people smile, that you love participating in community service, that no matter how much you bicker with your brother and sister you love doing special things for them, that you love your Lucky dog and would do anything for him, that you are my only child who consistently keeps her room clean, that you give school advice to your younger brother and sister, and that you know I love you no matter what...and constantly remind me of that by saying, "I know you love me!"
(usually when I'm about ready to strangle you, lol!) 
     You are so right, I love you with all my heart!  Happy 14th my Megan!!
Lots of Love,


Ruth said...

Happy Birthday, Megan! Hope you a had a great day.

Sarah said...

What a sweet post!