Back To School !!

I remember this...a schedule, a routine and a whole morning in front of me!!!  (Man, high school bus comes EARLY -- around 6:30 am and my two middle schoolers around 7:30 am!)  So glad everyone was feeling excited and confident this morning, or at least the kids were ;)  First day of high school for Megan and first day of middle school for Jacob and Kristin!!
Thankfully, Megan makes her own lunch (not my favorite thing to do)

Hooray for the camera flash...going to school in the dark at 6:30 am!??

Jacob was quite confident and "witty" this morning!
(He asked where dad's "Old Spice" was and I said "oh, so you can be a lady killer?", and he said, "no, the teacher's love that stuff"

Kristin calm, yet excited, and tired!!

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Ruth said...

6:30, that's crazy! High schoolers weren't meant to get up so early. Jacob's comment gave me my first laugh of the day.