Monday "Memories" With My Mom

     Although there is no question a lot of the stress has been taken off of me by relocating my mom into the assisted living facility, there are still a number of things that I am doing behind the scenes -- things I need to follow up on with phone calls, bill paying, doctors, Area Agency on Aging, American House, The Med Team, etc...
     For instance, on Wednesday I received another call from the Med Team on my cell phone.  I have to admit, seeing "Med Team" on my cell phone raises my anxiety level.  Often, they say "it's not an emergency, but....".  Today they said, we wanted to let you know that when we went in your mom's room this morning at 8 am to give her medication to her, she was in the bathroom with the door locked, we knocked, and she said she was laying on the bathroom floor.  We opened the door and she said she got tired, so she laid down on the floor.  She did not appear to be hurt or to have fallen."  Okay, breathe in, breathe out.  She had since been dressed and had breakfast in the dining room.  Of course, a number of thoughts run through your head...did she spend the whole night on the bathroom floor?, is the embarrassment of incontinence causing her to try to spend the night in the bathroom?, did she actually fall?, was she so disoriented that she didn't even realize where she was?.... etc....  It's difficult to just try to let some of these things "go" after being her primary caregiver for all these months, but I kind of have to.
     Meanwhile, later the same day and on a brighter note, I was contacted by her new skilled nurse, Kim, who will be working with my mom for the next couple of months.  I am very encouraged by her phone call, as I have learned that she will be spending time with my mom to get her set up with everything she needs as well as help her develop a schedule and routine in her new living situation.  She will also communicate in more detail with the Med Team on staff at American House to let them know more precisely how to properly care for my mom.  This is such a relief and sooooo necessary.  I am grateful for all of these services that I have been so desperate to have for so long.  As an added bonus, these services are all paid in full by Medicare or Medicaid.  She will also work closely with the physical therapist and occupational therapist to help my mom adjust.  (Que the Choir of Angels singing the Hallelujah chorus...)
     I have also learned that my mom's prescriptions will now go from hundreds of dollars a month, to $2 to $6 max per prescription.  All great news!  I can't emphasize enough what a relief having this extra help is!!
     Also last week I had another meeting with my mom's new case manager from the Area Agency on Aging.  The purpose was primarily to talk about how my mom is adjusting and what, if any, additional services might be necessary.  We determined that she could use more weekly laundry assistance, nighttime checks (particularly in light of the recent morning incident), and some assistance getting involved in social activities.  Although American House does offer some great activities, my mom does not have the ability to follow the schedule and get there at the proper time.  So, things are moving along and I can't say enough about how much the Area Agency on Aging advocates for you.
     Yesterday, me and Megan made a visit and had a little impromptu party at Grandma's place.  Some chips and homemade salsa from my friend, Alyce, we watched some of the Lion's game (victory in OT), Megan did some homework, and I colored my mom's hair.  My dad, brother and niece also paid my mom a visit.  We are enjoying having a nice place to visit with my mom.

Quiet Time at Grandma's...no dog running over your project and eating the pencils!

Look - no more gray!!


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Love the hair color. She seems happy about it too!