Is This "Normal"?

     On a daily basis, this is what I find in our family room...four laptops, sometimes opened to various sites, games and, more importantly, homework.  Some flipped on their sides so they don't overheat.  The phone rings, someone's at the door, they let the dog out...and leave this.  My middle schoolers are in the "laptop program" at school and so was their sister when she was in 6th grade.  Thus, the four laptops (including the husband).  There must be a better way, but everyone wants to be "together" while they do their stuff!?  Four laptops for a family of five?  Truth is, we have one more that's on the "fritz"...of course, it's mine!
     Sure, I could make them use them in their bedrooms, but then they would have to bring them back downstairs every night and pack them up for school -- and I would never see them (my kids, not the laptops).  Can't leave them in their rooms overnight, 'cause they might feel the urge to "surf" the internet when they are supposed to be sleeping...
I never saw this on Little House on the Prairie!  Ugh...What's a mother to do? 

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Sarah said...

Too funny! But I the hubs and I want our own, and I imagine some day kids will each need their own too. Maybe some desks so they won't be on the floor?