Summer List 2011 - The Finale!

Well, since Labor Day typically marks the unofficial end of summer for most of us, I thought I would share how our "Summer List" ended up.  I started the list back in June as you can see here and then gave a progress report on it a few weeks ago.

All in all, the kids and I were pleased with the amount of things we accomplished!  The items we did not check off usually had a reason.  For example, every time we wanted to go to the Drive In...my kids had already seen the movies they were showing at the theatre with friends (and I'm not a big fan of paying for the same movie twice).  The Waterpark, well 2 out of 3 of my kids made it there this year.  As far as backyard camping, let's just say I know I would end up in my own bed if I was right in my backyard!!  We have tie dyed shirts before and gone to the zoo many times.  For some reason, our local farm did not have strawberry picking this year.  So, it's all good -- especially when you consider we also did many things that were not included on the list!!
Making and posting the list did help us concentrate on our goals for the summer and it was fun for us all to watch our progress!!  Until next year's Summer List...

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