Not the Von Trapp Family

     It's that time of year for a lot of "lasts".  Last concerts, last field trips, last tests, finals and much more.  Jacob and Kristin had their last 6th grade band concert of the year at the high school.  Truth be told, as much as I love music and hearing the kids play, by the end of the year we're usually a little wiped out with the concerts, games, etc...  
     However, the kids did great and I continue to be amazed at how these music teachers can take a bunch of kids who barely know (or don't know) how to read music let alone play instruments...and teach them to make beautiful music.
     Then, because J and K were both in Vocal Music class this semester, they also had a concert at the end of the year.  It was very informal and the vocal music teacher let all the kids pick whatever color they wanted for t-shirts.  Jacob is about the only one in the bright orange and Kristin chose a nice aqua blue.  The concert was very good.  Unfortunately, my husband was out of town and missed it so some of this is for him to see.  
     Jacob was initially very against getting vocal music as a class.  The students choose from a number of options and then based on a lot of factors are put into various "Encore" classes.  At the beginning of the semester he begged me to talk to the counselor to get him out of vocal music, but I told him they also play keyboards in the class and that there is "no homework".  Because of Jacob's piano playing, I thought he might like the keyboard part.  After the first week of class, he never once complained about it.  I think he liked it even though singing is definitely not his favorite.  I teased him because he sings like he's a ventriloquist...very little movement of his mouth.  I guess it's really not his thing, but at least he made the effort...!
     There were a few soloists who are very gifted...perhaps future American Idol contestants!?  After seeing the "goth" opera singer on America's Got Talent whose parents never heard him sing before, I think we should all make sure we listen to our kids sing...ya never know where their talents are until you try!!
     Today was the kids' last day of school -- look out summer here we come!!!!



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Kerri said...

Your title made me laugh! I love the colorful t-shirts! Happy summer to you guys!