And Then They Were 12!!!!!

     As I indicated in my Flashback Friday last week it was Jacob and Kristin's 12th Birthday!!  For the most part, I have done kid parties until the kids were age 10 and then I told them they can have 13th and 16th birthday parties...and then I'm out for the big parties!  When they were younger, I used to throw some pretty good parties.  I love party planning with a theme and coming up with favors, games and foods that fall into that theme.  Someday, I will have to tell you about some of those parties and Megan's 13th birthday party (which I am still recovering from)!!  Unfortunately, they were all before I started this blog.
     With my family being pretty small and most of George's family living out of state, we don't often have much of a family celebration, especially now with the kids being older.  That said, I know for sure Jacob and Kristin's birthday was very low key last year since my mom living with us made it difficult to make any great plans.  With their birthday being on a Friday this year, it was crying for some kind of celebration!  After consulting with them, we concluded that I would take Kristin and two friends for manicures and pedicures and then to the mall to browse around.  She's all about "beauty and fashion" these days don't ya know!!??
     My husband took the day off work and took Jacob and two friends for 9 holes of golf.  Later, we would all meet up for a pizza dinner at Buddy's and FINALLY.....ice cream at Dairy Queen!! 
     The girls got some very nice manicures and pedicures.  I just had them do polish only so as not to risk and creepy infections or anything like that.  At the mall, we shopped for bargains.  We went to Nordstroms, Pink, Aeropostale, 21 Forever and Bath and Body Works.  I got Kristin and her two friends each a shirt from Aeropostale, two necklaces and some barrettes from 21 Forever, and some body spray/perfume from Bath and Body Works along with some lip gloss.  It was fun to let them browse around although we ended up in a bit of time crunch since we had to allow time to meet the boys for dinner. 
     The boys were sooo cute when we got to the restaurant.  They all had hats on with their "shades" on top of their hats and each was a bit "sun kissed".  I wish I had a picture of it, but my camera battery died and getting them to re-pose is not something most boys are into.  I had also asked my husband to take pics on the golf course, but apparently he had his hands full with his "other duties".  LOL!  It was also fun to watch the boys and the girls laughing and "showing off" in front of each other -- remember when you were 12!!??. 
     We were busy from about 1-8 pm and the kids all seemed to have fun.  That night, J and K thanked us over and over for their "best birthday ever"!!!  They deserved a day all about them -- they are great fun-loving kids and I'm lucky to have them in my life!!!
Oh my gosh, you got me Salon Express...!!??  And you got me a football iPod Touch case!!!
Love ya brother -- Love ya back 'sis!!
Now those are some nail colors!!
Is this gonna be clothes???

 Kristin Got The Toms She Wanted...with Bling!
Jacob Got His Fishing Pole and Has Been Practicing His Casting!

Choosing colors -- the hardest part of the manicure!!
(Kristin, Kaleigh and Isabella)

This is a few days later...the pedicure (with flowers!)

The Golf Dudes
Connor, Jacob and Aiden


Kerri said...

What a FUN birthday for both of them! I didn't realize before that they are twins?!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Wow - what a great birthday for them both!! Just look how happy they look - LOVE IT! Good job mom!

RockinMom said...

What a great birthday celebration! I loved all the pictures. I laughed when I read about your request for your husband to take pictures and his hands being full and not getting pictures. Same thing happens at our house all the time!