Monday Memories With My Mom*

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Things were fairly quiet this past week.  I only had a chance to go see my mom once which was Monday morning.  When I arrived at her apartment she did not answer the door.  I called her on my cell and she did not answer.  It was after breakfast.  She was not in the dining room, or exercise room, or lobby.  More than likely, she was in "the Don's" apartment.  I did not go searching for her there.  I have never done that, but I guess I could.  I left a new watch I had bought for her by her door.  (I forgot my keys to her apartment.)  She is determined to keep track of time.  She has had sooo many watches...  I will take a picture next "time".
     While I was there, I asked the Med Team how she was doing.  It seems as though she is falling back into her routine and she has not been as disoriented as she was a couple of weeks ago.  I also talked to the behavioral nurse who was very encouraging and seems to think we are all on the right track.
     Additionally, I received a call from Paige, my mom's new case manager from the Area Agency on Aging.  Apparently, the staff is rotated every six months or so.  I told her of my mom's recent set back.  They keep track of my mom's health.  She will be calling monthly to check on the status of my mom as did Beth, her previous case manager.
     Then......although I considered posting the actual text from my brother, I guess I must draw the line.....  My brother and I try to text or call each other of our plans to visit my mom so we know how often she is getting visits from us.  Last Tuesday, my brother texted me that he was going to my moms.  Shortly after I received a text from him indicating that my mom had been rather scantily dressed. upon his arrival...  Those were not his exact words....his words were actually much funnier.  And no, Don was not there...  Apparently he entered her apartment while she was changing and she just came out of her room to see who was there seeming to have no idea that she "forgot" the rest of her clothes.  (My poor brother probably hit the bar after that visit!)
     Other than that little "glitch"...my mom seems to be doing well!!

*Posting late, I know it's Tuesday


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

OMG! Your poor brother!!!

That pic is so funny!

Jennifer said...

I am cracking up. I bet he knocks LOUDLY next time and just peeks in the door.