FALLing Into Waxing Leaves

     So apparently many families have a tradition of "waxing leaves" at this time of year.  Personally, I had never tried it but it seemed easy enough!  Besides, my kids are 12 and 15 so I have minimal concern of them burning themselves with this hot wax project.

Left: Silk Fabric Leaf Right: Waxed Natural Leaf

     To get started, all you really need is:
  •      The wax which can be found in the canning section of your grocery store, near the mason jars (an area I do not normally frequent - lol).  We used two "bars" of the wax but probably could have gotten away with one.
  •      You will also want to use one of those disposable aluminum baking pans (unless you love chiseling wax or ruining one of your regular pans).
  •      Gather some pretty leaves...preferably with stems.  Of course, the more variety and color the better.  Oh, and imperfections are what make them look so natural so don't worry!!
     Melt the wax on the back burner of your stove on a very low heat for safety's sake -- and please if you have young kids do this they MUST be closely supervised.  (Please I don't want anyone to get hurt!)
     Make sure your leaves are dry -- we patted ours with paper towels since it was raining when the kids collected them.
     Then, just hold the stem and dip so the leaf part is completely submersed in the wax.  Remove and hold over pan until the leaf finishes dripping and then lay to dry on newspapers and wax paper.  (Somehow we never have wax paper when I need it and aluminum foil worked fine, too.)
     All three of my kids enjoyed doing this and the finished product is really neat!  I heard they should last until at least Thanksgiving time!!   We dipped well over 50 leaves and they look great in person!!
     For now, I just put them in a glass bowl but I plan to scatter them on the mantle and table tops soon!!   More Fall update to come.  If you try it, let me know how yours turn out!!!! 


Four Bars of Wax per Box - Cost About $4

My Aluminum Pan and Two Chunks of Wax on Stove Top

Making Sure Our Leaves Are Dry

Dipping Leaf in Hot Wax
(Wax Was Not Completely Melted But We Couldn't Wait)

Laying Out to Dry -- They Dry Quickly

Placed in a Glass Hurricane for Now

Might String These for a Fall Garland or Scatter on My Mantle*

*I have a leaf-lovin' dog so I hope he doesn't eat them and pounce on them like he does when he's outside!!!!!

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yaya said...

Cindy, thanks for visiting my blog! This looks like a fun thing to do with the older Grandkiddos. I never did it with my own boys when they were little. Wonder why? Probably because there was no such thing as "blog land" to find cool ideas! Thanks again for the visit and I'll look forward to reading more about the love and care you give your Mom.