Homecoming 2012

     Well, my next blog posts are not likely to be in chronological order, but I am doing the best I can.  It's been all about the kids lately still!  This past Friday was our homecoming football game and then Saturday "the dance"!
     Just like last year, the weather did not cooperate.  There is a small parade around the school prior to the game.  We headed to the school to see that and that's when it started raining...and never stopped that night.  There were a few tailgating parents with the RVs in the parking lot, so at least we were there early enough to get a spot!  This year's homecoming theme was "80s Nickelodeon".  Unfortunately, I may not have fully captured that in my pics, so you will just have to take my word for it! 
     During the game, of course, there was the homecoming court and the band was a big hit, as always.  This week the band added a song to their show...Gangnam Style!!  It was a big hit with the student section, and the band performed it complete with some dance moves! 
     Thankfully, we dressed for the weather.  It was definitely chilly, but the rain was the main problem.  We took our seats early since my mother-in-law was with us.  As I mentioned before, she was in town for three days to see the kids in all of their activities. 
     Megan was super busy and does not get home on "game days" until 11pm because of marching band.  Saturday morning she took the PSAT back at school by 7 am, then we had a family bridal shower, then off to a homecoming pre party and dinner, the dance, and post party!  I was pretty exhausted myself!! 

Megan and our
Hurried Pictures at Home
     Megan did not want her makeup or hair done and, frankly, barely had time to get dressed.  That's the reason for the quick photos at home.  Apparently, she was invited to a couple of parties before the dance and chose to go to her girlfriend, Kelly's.  So nice of the parents to have all the kids over for pictures and dinner before the dance!  We got some quick shots before it started raining again.  The ground was soggy, but we made the most of it -- I think there's still a little mud on those sparkly heels!  Of course, she had a great time and further details I am probably not privy to at this time!!    
     Oh, we won our football game and ended with a regular season record of 7-2.  This was scheduled to be the week where football games and marching bands started winding down.  But, au contraire!!  Our school is lucky enough to be in the playoffs starting this Friday...
(for the first time in our school's less than ten year history)!!!
More to Come -- Go Knights!!



Our Awesome Marching Band!

Homecoming Court

Goofy Golfcarts With Spirit!

The Band in the Rain...

The Crowning of the Homecoming Queen

The Girls
(Megan Far Left)

Megan, Alexis and Kelly

My Son Thinks this is Hilarious
Boy/Girl/Boy/Girl....Girl/Girl/Girl !!!




Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Megan looked beautiful!!!! I cannot wait for Homecoming dances and fancy dresses for Ash!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Pretty girl and pretty dress! I remember the days of rushing to get ready for pictures, but for us it was usually because the golf tournament ran late :-)

Jennifer said...

Awww, Megan looks so beautiful!! I hope she had a great time!