Monday* Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
      Oh my...looks like I missed a week and almost two...  As I've hinted, pretty swamped around here lately, but I have missed blogging about our stuff.  As I've said before, sometimes the more there is to blog about, the less time there is for blogging...
     You may recall if you saw my last blog about my mom, taking care of my mom can be difficult for me as I am the one who is aware of what is going on.  I have to think for her and do for her.  I am going to make those videos from my last post private soon, so if you have an interest in watching them now would be the time.
     I had made my mom a dental appointment recently.  I got her in the morning and thankfully her dentist is only 10 minutes away so there was not time for as many questions.  We were the first ones there at 9 am.  Turns out, they said my appointment was for the next day!!!!???  Major UGH!  I have NEVER screwed up an appointment time, let alone date, in my life!!  To think I would have to drive back over the very next day, get my mom, etc...  It is all very tedious.  We tried to wait to see if someone did not show up for their appointment, but no such luck.
     After the dentist, my mom wanted a "Slurpee".  I knew I needed a coffee, so I got her a breakfast sandwich and smoothie from McDonalds.  She was quite happy with that.  I told her the good news was now I had time to color her hair!!  This was long overdue!!
     If you ask my mom, she usually says she wants her hair to be blonde.  Speaking from experience, maintaining "natural blonde" hair can be time consuming and expensive.  I found some kind of temporary color that was like "darkest blonde" or something so I showed her the word "blonde" and she was good to go.  It was really a brunette type color.  Never fear, since I have no particular skill in hair coloring, ya really never know what you are going to get.  I just didn't want "brassy".  Actually, it was so quick and easy that I felt bad it had taken me so long.  I bet we did the whole thing within 20-30 minutes.  Now, I'm not saying it's salon perfect, but I think it looks better than the before picture.  Oh, and definitely better than her hair looked that (tragic**) day six months ago...
     Then, the next day we did the whole dentist thing again.  No smoothie this time, though.  Oh, and, by the way, remember that pop we got my mom at her recent neurologist appointment??  Well, she went through a 12 pack of Diet Coke in less than a week.  So, I will not be buying that on a regular basis.  I can't be sure if she drank it all, the Don, or even the staff may be helping themselves.  However, it is quite possible my mom had a couple a day and I think that's just too much all things considered.  
     Back to the dentist, my mom also ended up needing a filling so I will be taking her for that this week.  (I told her it was probably because of all that pop she drank!!)  She assured me it is not because it was "Diet Coke 0 Calories".  Reasoning with her about the acid and downside of pop would do absolutely no good at this point.  Reasoning of any kind is not something my mom is capable of. 
     Next on the agenda:  new shoes, another trip to the dentist, cable tv, more personal supplies and a new showerhead.



*again, posting on Tuesday
** ok, I know, not a real tragedy, just seemed like it at the time



Jennifer V. said...

Wait, you are not a natural blonde? Really?

Kerri said...

Your moms hair looks great!

Kerri said...

Your mom's hair looks great...good job!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Welcome back - I've missed your updates :)

You did a great job and your mom's hair! I agree - blonde is way to much upkeep.

Hope you have a great week Cindy!

Arlene - Caregiver ordinaire said...

You did a FANTASTIC job!!! always - so now I know where to go for hair help....

I'll be updating soon too... have had so much going on at our house.

I wanted you to know that I sometimes answer questions and comments here. This one pertains to someone who is placing a Mom in Assisted living and I of course, have zero experience in this. I recommended your Blog though, because I think you have the answers regarding this....