The Apple Orchard - Express

     Fall in Michigan is such a beautiful time of year.  The fall colors, the crisp cool weather, those Indian summer days...  I do love it, and in spite of my kids being admittedly "overscheduled" this season, I have tried to take a deep breath now and then and just appreciate the pretty area we live in.  We have several lakes near our house, lots of trees and wooded areas, and a nice mix of city and more urban areas nearby!  Even when I am waiting in the high school parking lot for yet another pickup...I appreciate that the school is nestled behind some beautiful wooded areas and realize how lucky we are!! 
     Meanwhile, we have not yet managed to get to a cider mill and/or apple orchard as a family yet this fall.  While my mother-in-law was here, it did occur to me that at least we might be able to stop at our local apple orchard (it may look familiar to you from my previous post here).  

    I knew they closed at 6 pm on weekdays, and Jacob does not get out of football until about 6 pm.  However, Megan reminded me of our "window" of opportunity last Thursday.  After we picked Kristin up from volleyball at 5 pm, we hustled over to Long's (luckily we happen to have an apple orchard 5 minutes from my kids' school).  Megan assured me that Jacob would not be "mad" at us for going without him...as long as he got his cider and donuts!! 
    Kristin was embarrassed to be kidnapped from school in her volleyball practice clothes, but we assured her that fashion would just have to wait! 
     It ended up being quick, but fun!!  Seemed like there were only 20 or so people milling around.  Remember, it was a weekday at 5 pm.  We got an awesome parking place, just steps from the barn.  We got measured to see "How Tall This Fall"?  There was noooooo line for donuts and cider and they were warm and fresh!!
     We sat ourselves outside, savored our donut (which I limited to one each since we hadn't had dinner yet), and enjoyed our chilled cider!!!!  It was all under 20 minutes -- but we enjoyed it and the donuts and cider disappeared in no time after we were home with the boys!!
     Still hoping we might make an apple orchard trip as a family like we did last year last year, but if we don't
 -- Cheers to Fall !!!



Kristin and Megan
(don't Kristin's feet look like clown feet from this angle?)

Kristin, Nannie, Megan

The Girls and Pumpkins

Where the Donut Magic Happens...

Warm and Delicious....


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

So glad you were able to squeeze a trip in!! It looks like the girls had some fun :)

I haven't made it to a cider mill yet this year!! I'm so jealous!! WARM donuts!!! Love them.

Jennifer said...

Those donuts are making me hungry!!!!