7th Grade Volleyball and #10

     Some of you may remember in early September when I posted here that Kristin had made the middle school volleyball team.  We literally had almost no idea what their schedule would be.  They ended up having practices five days a week after school and games two days a week.  It was a bit challenging balancing that with soccer...and homework.  More from a logistics standpoint of me driving around and keeping up with Jacob and Megan, too.
     Early on, I declared volleyball as my "new favorite sport to watch".  After years of outdoor soccer in all kinds of weather (even snow) and baseball (hot hot hot), the appeal of an indoor sport where games last about 20 minutes each, sitting in the warm stands was great!  Oh, and you get a good view of your kid the whole time.  Basketball, also good.  Swimming, very humid!  Indoor soccer, not bad.  (Sorry if I sound like a princess, probably because I am in the midst of all of this and today it's 50 and raining for our high school football game, while yesterday it was like 80 degrees.  I'm getting old worn out from all these games...)

Waiting and Watching
     What I didn't anticipate were the intensely close games and the pressure Kristin would be under in serving and playing in those nail biting close games, which most of them were.  The games are played so that you have to win two out of three sets (I don't know if they call them sets, but I just did).  Well, since she was the third team to play, there was the added pressure on her team if we had not won our first two games.  Not since Jacob's travel baseball days when he was pitching or batting have I felt those butterflies!!  Did not like that part at all and me and some of the other mom's were practically pinching each other in the stands at times.  It's hard to stay calm.  With soccer, the most pressure is probably with the goalie.  Thankfully, my kids do not normally play goalie (although Kristin did last Sunday - ha!)
     For the most part, Kristin enjoyed the season and so did I.  The team played fairly well and the 7th grade girls definitely improved from the beginning to end of the season.  I have no idea what our record was, but I am sure I would know if they were in first place!  I ended up with lots of blurry pictures of Kristin serving or setting the ball, but below are the clearer ones. 
     The season was wrapped up with a district tournament.  The tournament somehow ended in a three-way tie for second place.  So, they had to count points to determine placement and I believe we ended up in third.  That was a bit disappointing after three hours of volleyball to have a tournament end that way, but what are ya gonna do?? 
     The girls had an end of season pizza party after school.  I will be anxious to see if Kristin decides to pursue her volleyball career in the future!!  I hope she does -- I can see some potential there!!


Warming Up

Coach's Huddle

Kristin, #10


Three Teams Ended 4-5 at Tournament End


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