Outta My Mind

      Between keeping up with care for my mom and three busy kids, I often feel like I'm going a little cuckoo over here!!  (Shocker, right!?)  Thought I would share some things straight outta my mind:
  • Ummm, Halloween is tomorrow and for the first time ever I have nothing to pass out (think of all the calories I've saved myself) and my kids have only sketchy plans of what they are going to dress up as or even if they are going trick or treating -- so different from years gone by (#gettingold).  (Literally just realized we haven't carved our pumpkins either!)

  •  I know I am supposed to be a good sport and congratulate the Giants on beating our Tigers in the World Series, but the truth is I am still a little shocked at how badly they beat us...and sleep deprived from watching all the playoffs.

  • There are things I have seen on Honey Boo Boo that have literally made me "gag"...I haven't watched since.

  • It is super cold and windy outside even here in Michigan (courtesy of "Sandy") so I'm doing this instead of the errands I should be doing.

  • I saw a commercial for a Word with Friends game...I thought the point of that game was playing on your iPhone or iPad.  Isn't the board game just called Scrabble (or is someone making money by renaming it??)

  • I DVRd "Watch What Happens Live" from last night...only to realize that even the great Bethenny Frankel didn't make it due to the storm.  (That is/was some storm!)

  • I kinda tricked my husband into painting our family room.  Here's what you do....you get the sample paint of your color choice, paint a square foot of it on the wall, then show him the list of painters you are going to call.  (A few weeks later..."I'll just paint the family room!")

  • I'm a little panicked because two of my three kids just wrapped up their fall activities last night...so people may actually be home at dinner time now.  (I think next week I will do a Pinterest recipes for dinner series...)
    Yikes, I better go!! 


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Jennifer said...

Love this post!! And I am cracking up about the painting thing. So that's how it's done huh? Genius!!!!