Look for Less...and Fall Mantel!!!!

     On a couple of recent trips to the Pottery Barn, my eyes were drawn to their Antique Mercury Glass pumpkins.  What can I say?  I like a little shine (and bling!)!!  However, a quick check on the price snapped me back to reality.  Sure, I could splurge and pay their price -- but in this case I really could not justify it.  Later, I found on Pinterest a pin that said to just spray dollar store pumpkins silver, but there was no tutorial.  But those things got me thinkin'...

Antique Mercury Glass Pumpkins
Pottery Barn
$39.50 and $24.50
Photo www.potterybarn.com
     I bought some Silver metallic spray paint and saw these foam pumpkins at the dollar store.  So, here are the supplies I used:
-- 1 can Krylon Silver metallic spray paint* (approx. $6)
-- 1 (or more) foam pumpkins from Dollar Tree $1 each

 -- a paper grocery bag, newspaper or cardboard box
to protect your work surface (free!)

*optional leftover Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Copper Spray Paint
 (free from another project)

     I think y'all know, I am not an expert on any of this, but this is what I improvised.  I figured I would use up my leftover bronze spray paint and maybe it would serve as a  base/primer to the silver.  I don't think it was necessary, but that's what I did.  First I sprayed the top halves of the pumpkins.  Once dry, I flipped them over and sprayed the bottom halves.
     Once those were dry, I used the silver spray making small quick whisps of spray paint and leaving a tad of the brownish color showing.  I felt it might give it more depth. (I personally like the look with less silver paint, but choose the look you like).  Once dry, I did a few quick touch ups as needed and that was it!!  They dried within minutes on the foam.
Pottery Barn Look for (a lot) Less

      Although I will not fool myself into thinking they are exactly the same as the Pottery Barn version, I am happy with the look knowing they are waaaay more affordable and they are not made of glass so no worries about breakage!!
     The possibilities are endless on this.  Obviously, you may choose to find a much nicer ceramic version of a pumpkin or a foam version with more character than mine.  I have also heard there is a "Mirror" Krylon spray paint out there that you may want to check out or even use silver leafing.  There are lots of techniques you can try to achieve the look that you want.
     If you try it, let me know how yours turn out!! 
Happy Fall!!


Styrofoam Pumpkins $1 each at Dollar Tree

Three Little Pumpkins

First Coat Sprayed With Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze

Krylon Brilliant Silver Metallic

Up Close

The Paint I Used

Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint
(Used as My Base Coat)
Pottery Barn Look for (a lot) Less

Fall Mantel
(so far)



RockinMom said...

I love them. I think I will do this over the weekend.Thank you for sharing.

Recreate and Repin said...

Found this through the 320 Sycamore link party. These came out super cute!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

They turned out great and look so good on your mantle :-)

doandredo said...

I think your pumpkins were the perfect touch to that fabulous fall mantle!

i want ambassador so look at this said...

I did the same thing except I only sprayed the silver then I put "diamonds" and glitter on them. Try it. They came out great.

melissa * 320 Sycamore said...

what a beautiful fall mantel!

Meghan said...

These look great and tie in with the vases on your mantel very well.