"The Candidate" Has Left the Neighborhood!!

     Okay, I realize this falls under the category of "I need to get a job"...or "a life" -- ha!!  I also noticed that there is not exactly an outpouring of "bloggy love" from my earlier, perhaps meaningless, rambling post about the Romney campaign being in my neck of the woods.  That's okay, I will assume you are (a) not a fan of my blog; (b) not a fan of Romney; or (c) have "no comment"!!
Long's Orchard, Michigan

     So, now I am just following up for posterity's sake to document the campaign on my little blog.
     Yes, I did have my 12 year old children/paparazzi snap these shots as we passed by to drop them at band and football practice.  It appeared we had just missed everything (which was good for traffic).  Okay, and I might have circled back when I realized that Jacob a certain son of mine thought it was much funnier to take pictures of the sky and trees...so I immediately hired his twin sister as my paparazzi the second time driving by.  A certain son was worried this was all going to make him late for football practice (it didn't)!

This Really Makes It Look Like I Live in the Country...

Other Paparazzi?

Someone Forgot Their Bike?

That Wooden Bridge Is To Find Your Kid in the Corn Maze!

Betcha When I Drive By In A Couple Hours The Whole Thing Will Be Taken Down -- They Are Working Fast!


Aftermath of a Potential President

My Little Paparazzi Girl!!
(need a car wash)



Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I thought about going too. I am sure he will be back several times between now and November :-)

Ruth said...

I'm definitely a fan of your blog, but not a fan of any politician and will be so happy when the election is OVER!!

The Pawlak Family said...

I got rerouted on my way to Keith. Was so annoyed. Had no idea longs got into politics like that. Hmmmmmm