Teenager Tuesday

      Ahhhhh, the teen world!!   As I've said, although I am semi-new to the teen world (my oldest will be 15 in 3 weeks), I can tell you it brings a whole new set of challenges and adventures to being a mom, not the least of which is high school, driving and the "social scene", curfews, etc....   I distinctly remember when my kids were younger and the moms with older kids would tell me "wait until they're teenagers".  I also remember thinking, "really? you have no idea -- plus I have twins and sleep deprivation and virtually no help"!!
     Well........although having little ones certainly does have its challenges, on the plus side (which may not seem like a plus at the time) those kids remain under your watch or in your constant care or other careful supervision.  In other words, you know exactly what they are doing at all times.   
     Teens equal a time for trust.  I do trust my teen (most of the time), but I don't trust peer pressure and the teen brain which says, "I know it all" and "I am invincible" and "my parents don't understand, they're idiots".  Ha!! 
     Poor Tanya is trying so hard to get some more teen moms to link up with her, so if you're reading this and have a teen or even a "tween" please consider linking up!!!!  (In the meantime, I still stand by my prior thought -- most of us teen moms are too emotionally and physically exhausted from all this teen stuff to link up!!)

So, here are this weeks questions. 
1.) What is your teens best trait? The one that stands out the most.  My teen has a great smile and a contagious laugh.  That and her naturally curly hair!!
2.) Is your relationship with your teen anything like the one you had with your parents? 
I would say that one part that is similar is that we try to incorporate a sense of humor in most everything.  I also do not think I would want the same relationship as I had.  My parents were very young and I am not sure that is always a good thing.
3.) Who does your teen look up too? 
Aside from all the boys in One Direction, I think she looks up to a couple of friends who were high school seniors and graduated last year and her band teacher.  As far as celebrities or public figures, probably quite a few people.
4.) What is your teens favorite subject in school?
She says band, but when I made her pick one of the core subjects she says Science.  I am a little surprised by this as she had a terrible Biology teacher last year.  I have since learned that he has a terrible reputation when it comes to grading and how he deals with the kids.  However, she survived and I'm sure learned something from that experience.  Plus, fthe good news is she still likes Science!!
5.) What is your teens favorite TV program. Is there anything they beg to watch but you will not let them? 
She likes "Pretty Little Liars".  I am not thrilled with the content, but I do think she is old enough to make her own judgments about the girls and their behavior on that show!!??  It's a pretty intense "soap opera" type show and very popular.  I think there is a fine line to walk with this kind of thing.  I do not want my kid to be so naive or unaware as to make them vulnerable to certain situations, yet I don't want them to have the mind or experiences of a 30 year old either.  She also begs to watch all kinds of "my shows".  I admit that the Bravo "Real Housewives" shows are so trashy and embarassing that I don't want her to know about this guilty pleasure of mine!

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